Spuhr ISMS 34mm One-Piece Mounts for Picatinny rail equipped rifles

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Beautifully machined Spuhr ISMS one piece mounts for Picatinny rail equipped rifles. 34mm ring size available with various inclines and heights to suit your requirements. 



  • Precision machined from a single billet of 7075 T651 aluminium with a minimum of seven interfaces to attach various accessories directly to the mount such as ACI, red-dot, etc.
  • Built in bubble level to assist with holding the rifle level enhancing long range shooting.
  • 45 degree split of the rings gives better view of the parallax and windage adjustments and the flat contour of the rings make low profile turrets easier to read.
  • Index markings on the rear ring allow for a quick visual check of the settings on the turrets.
  • Extremely robust scope mount, designed to prevent damage to the scope from flexing under heavy recoil or rough handling.
  • Rings are grooved inside to ensure firm grip of the scope and enables gluing if desired.
  • Scope levelling tool supplied with each mount. Vital as if the scope is not level, diagonal deviation will occur when elevation is adjusted.


  • Incline - clearly engraved on the mount, in both MIL and MOA.
  • Accessories, ACI mounts, Picatinny rails to mount night vision, back up sights, lasers, illuminators,  etc. 

Full technical specifications and accessories, can be found in the catalogue here.

Height measurement for Spuhr mounts:

  • The height of mount is measured from the top of the rail to the centreline of the scope. In the case of an incline mount the measurement is made at the rear of the mount.

How to determine height of mount required:

  • Measure outer diameter of your objective. Please note 3-12x50 does not mean that the scope has an outer objective diameter of 50mm - only that the objective lens is 50mm in diameter. Different scopes have different outer diameters for the same lens diameters and it's not uncommon that different models from the same manufacturer feature different outer diameters even if the lens diameter is the same.
  • Take the measurement above and divide it by two (2) to get the theoretical minimum height required if the optics will be mounted onto a flat rail that extends to and/or past the objective bell. This theoretical minimum height is theoretical for a reason. If the objective has a 62 mm outer diameter and you choose a 31 mm high mount the objective will be in contact with the rail. You will therefore need to add to the theoretical minimum height to get the practical minimum height
  • So how much do you need to add? That depends on your personal preference and on what kind of lens caps etc., you want to use. Also, if you want to use an incline mount/base you will need to add additional clearance.
  • If you intend to mount the optics onto a bolt action rifle with Picatinny base you can often use a lower mount than the theoretical minimum height above. Just subtract the height of the base from the theoretical minimum height mentioned above. Depending on barrel contour you might be able to go even lower. But don't forget to leave some clearance for lens caps and/or sunshades!

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