Seiko divers watch SKX007K1

Seiko Divers classic automatic watch, rubber strap

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Seiko Diver's watch with black dial and black rubber strap, robust and reliable perfect for the hunter or bushcrafter. The classic diver style wears well on the wrist for every day use. 

The dial and hands are highlighted with Seiko's legendary LumiBrite, ensuring that even in very poor light the time can be read. 

Seiko's proven automatic self winding movement removes your dependancy on batteries and gives a smooth sweeping second hand.

The watch features:

  • Automatic movement 
  • 200M water resistance (ISO 6425)
  • Stainless steel case
  • Hardlex mineral glass
  • Day/date
  • Gift box
  • 1 year Seiko warranty


    • Model SKX007K1
    • 7S36 movement
    • Case diameter: 42 mm
    • Case thickness: 13 mm
    • Strap: 200 mm x 18 mm

    Being a true ISO 6425 Divers standard watch, it must be tested to meet the below criteria:

    • Reliability under water. The watches under test shall be immersed in water to a depth of 30±2 cm for 50 hours at 18 to 25 °C and all the mechanisms shall still function correctly.
    • Condensation test. The watch shall be placed on a heated plate at a temperature between 40 and 45 °C until the watch has reached the temperature of the heated plate (in practice, a heating time of 10 minutes to 20 minutes, depending on the type of watch, will be sufficient). A drop of water, at a temperature of 18 to 25 °C shall be placed on the glass of the watch. After about 1 minute, the glass shall be wiped with a dry rag. Any watch which has condensation on the interior surface of the glass shall be eliminated.
    • Resistance of crowns and other setting devices to an external force. The watches under test shall be subjected to an overpressure in water of 125% of the rated pressure for 10 minutes and to an external force of 5 N perpendicular to the crown and pusher buttons (if any).
    • Water-tightness and resistance at a water overpressure. The watches under test shall be immersed in water contained in a suitable vessel. Then an overpressure of 125% of the rated pressure shall be applied within 1 minute and maintained for 2 hours. Subsequently the overpressure shall be reduced to 0.3 bar within 1 minute and maintained at this pressure for 1 hour. The watches shall then be removed from the water and dried with a rag. No evidence of water intrusion or condensation is allowed.
    • Resistance to thermal shock. Immersion of the watch in 30±2 cm of water at the following temperatures for 10 minutes each, 40 °C, 5 °C and 40 °C again. The time of transition from one immersion to the other shall not exceed 1 minute. No evidence of water intrusion or condensation is allowed.
    • The presence of a time-preselecting device, for example a unidirectional rotating bezel or a digital display. Such a device shall be protected against inadvertent rotation or wrong manipulation. If it is a rotating bezel, it shall have a minute scale going up to 60 min. The markings indicating every 5 min shall be clearly indicated. The markings on the dial, if existing, shall be coordinated with those of the preselecting device and shall be clearly visible. If the preselecting device is a digital display, it shall be clearly visible.
    • The following items of the watch shall be legible at a distance of 25 cm (9.8 in) in the dark:
      1. time (the minute hand shall be clearly distinguishable from the hour hand);
      2. set time of the time-preselecting device;
      3. indication that the watch is running (This is usually indicated by a running second hand with a luminous tip or tail.);
    • Magnetic resistance. This is tested by 3 expositions to a direct current magnetic field of 4 800 A/m. The watch must keep its accuracy to ±30 seconds/day as measured before the test despite the magnetic field.
    • Shock resistance. This is tested by two shocks (one on the 9 o'clock side, and one to the crystal and perpendicular to the face). The shock is usually delivered by a hard plastic hammer mounted as a pendulum, so as to deliver a measured amount of energy, specifically, a 3 kg hammer with an impact velocity of 4.43 m/s. The change in rate allowed is ±60 seconds/day.
    • Resistance to salty water. The watches under test shall be put in a 30 g/l NaCl (sodium chloride) solution and kept there for 24 hours at 18 to 25 °C. This test water solution has salinity comparable to normal seawater. After this test, the case and accessories shall be examined for any possible changes. Moving parts, particularly the rotating bezel, shall be checked for correct functioning.
    • Resistance of attachments to an external force (strap/band solidity). This is tested by applying a force of 200 N (45 lbf) to each springbar (or attaching point) in opposite directions with no damage to the watch of attachment point. The bracelet of the watch being tested shall be closed.
    • Marking. Watches conforming to ISO 6425 are marked with the word DIVER’S WATCH xxx M or DIVER'S xxx M to distinguish diving watches from look a like watches that are not suitable for actual scuba diving. The letters xxx are replaced by the diving depth, in metres, guaranteed by the manufacturer.

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