Kizlyar Supreme SMP survival kit in MOLLE pouch

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SMP survival kit in MOLLE pouch is designed to ensure you have the essentials at hand in an emergency situation and also useful items for general use. It fits easily to MOLLE-compatible products such as the Kizlyar Supreme Tactical Echelon and Outdoor 3D Series knives as well as MOLLE backpacks and webbing systems. It can also be attached to a belt in the vertical or horizontal position. 

No additional straps or fittings are required – Kizlyar Supreme’s smart strap on the pouch can both attach to belt and MOLLE easily.

The pouch is made of high quality ballistic nylon fabric, with compression elastic to allow it to expand to fit the contents. Velcro closure ensures safe retention of the survival tin and is adjustable for size. 


  • Fully featured essential miniature survival kit
  • Secure pouch and tin
  • Full MOLLE compatibility
  • Vertical or horizontal carry

Contents of survival kit:

  • Tin box for safe carrying with reflective surface for signaling 145 × 60 × 42 mm
  • Surgical razor blade, 2 pieces
  • Firesteel and striker
  • Medical cotton wool (can be used for fire starting)
  • Emergency water purification tablets (chlorine dioxide). 4 pieces. 1 piece for each 1 litre of water, shake 1 minute, wait 5 minutes, shake again before drinking
  • Compass
  • Survival whistle
  • Wire saw with metal rings
  • Brass wire, 1 metre (for making snares)
  • Magnifying glass
  • Plasters, 2 pieces
  • Alcohol pad 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, 2 pieces
  • Wound pad 5×5 cm, 1 piece;
  • Condom, 1 piece (for water carrying, etc.)
  • Fishing Line (4 meters) and fishing hooks: 3#(for 0.1kg-1kg fish), 8#(1kg-5kg), 11#(over 10kg), 1 piece each
  • Sealed metal bottle, 1 piece
  • Safety Pins, 5 pieces
  • Candle, 1 piece
  • Waterproof matches, 8 pieces
  • Sewing kit with 3 pieces sewing pins and 5 meter line
  • 11 in 1 multi-function card knife with blade, saw, ruler, screwdriver, bottle and can opener etc.
Pouch specifications:
  • Dimensions (mm): 150 × 60 × 40
  • Maximum belt width for horizontal carry (mm): 44
  • Material: Durable Ballistic Nylon


  • Colours: Black or Digi-cam

Will fit the below Kizlyar Supreme knife sheaths:

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