Harris bipod BRM-S, 6-9 bench rest, swivel, notched leg

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The Harris Engineering swivel series bipod with notched leg is our go to bipod. We recommend them without hesitation and the two most versatile are the 6-9 and 9-13 swivel series with notched legs. 

This model is the 6-9 and most commonly used on precision rifles for prone position shooting, it can be used on AR15 rifle, however it serves best with the 10 and 20 round mags. 10rd will drop free at lowest heights, 20rd will drop free easily if set a notch or two up and 30 rounders do not drop free easily even at the maximum height settings. 

The original and in our opinion the best - and we have tried a lot of bipods! Made from high quality heat treated steels and high grade aluminium to last a lifetime. Indeed Harris back their product up with a limited lifetime warranty. Yes, you can get the cheap copies and you get what you pay for with bad welds and cheap materials - not ideal for balancing an expensive rifle on! 

The swivel allows easy compensation for uneven ground and the notched leg is the simplest and fastest to use to adjust leg length. Adjustments can be accomplished one handed in the prone position with ease. 

Proven in the field over decades on most types of rifles and in most environments and trusted by military and police worldwide. 

Our recommended upgrade is the bipod swivel lock. Small and unobtrusive with stainless steel fittings this makes levelling the cant of your rifle a touch finger operation and perfects the Harris bipod. If ordered together we will fit this for you prior to shipping (the original thumb screw and nut will be included in case you want to return the bipod to factory configuration). These are also available here separately if you have other Harris swivel bipods to upgrade. 

Fitting the bipod is very easy where you have a sling swivel stud on the forend, there are also a number of adapters here to help you fit the bipod to the rifle of choice. 

If you are fitting your bipod to rifles equipped with Picatinny rails, then consider adding an ERA-TAC adapter. This is a superb adjustable quick detach clamp that will allow you to easily move the bipod from rifle to rifle. When ordered with your bipod we will fit this for you.

If you are not sure what you need or cannot find the bipod or accessory you are looking for, get in touch and we will be happy to help. 

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