GGG 7.62x51 mm Ammunition

GGG 7.62x51 mm Ammunition

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High quality new manufacture Lithuanian 7.62x51mm ammunition with reloadable cases. 

Manufactured according to the requirements of STANAG 2310.

In 2005 these cartridges were successfully qualified at NATO European Regional Test Center (ERTC) in the UK and GGG gained right to mark its cartridges with NATO interchangeability sign.

GP11 is a marking of standard cal. GGG 7.62×51 mm cartridges produced in accordance to the requirements for M80.

Technical data

  • Caliber, 7.62 mm
  • Bullet, NATO Ball
  • Cartridge mass, 24.4 ± 1.0 g
  • Bullet mass, 9.55 ± 0.1 g
  • Bullet speed, 823 ± 15 m/s
  • Propellant, Double based
  • Primer Boxer, non-toxic

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