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Hera Arms catalogue - Full range of Hera Arms rifles and accessories

Kizlyar Supreme catalogue - Kizlyar Supreme knives and accessories

Schmidt & Bender 2017 catalogue - Latest catalogue of all S&B scopes and accessories

Schmidt & Bender New features Shot Show 2017 - New developments from S&B

Spuhr mounts and accessories - Full range of Spuhr equipment

ERA-TAC mounts and accessories - Information on complete ERA-TAC range

Ase Utra fast attach suppressors - Details and specifications on the suppressors

Hogue catalogue - Full range of Hogue stocks, knives and accessories

Air Arms catalogue - Full range of Air Arms rifles and accessories

More information on Schmidt & Bender reticles:

We are asked on a frequent basis the difference between clockwise and counterclockwise turrets on the Schmidt & Bender scopes: 

  • Clockwise, elevation increases on CW turn so numbers on the turret read left to right. Simple with natural reading direction and favours the right-handed shooter.
  • Counterclockwise, elevation increases on CCW turn so numbers read backwards right to left. Imagine the turret is a screw where the point of impact follows the tip of the screw so unscrewing (counterclockwise) moves the elevation up and screwing (clockwise) moves the elevation down.

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