Eley Action .22LR UK

Eley Action .22LR Ammunition

  • £000

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Designed for a multitude of shooting disciplines, ELEY action is our newest all-purpose round.

Key features

  • Round nose bullet profile
  • Great value performance
  • Reliable functioning in both single shot and rapid fire pistols and rifles

    Used for

    • 50m Prone
    • 50m 3 Positions
    • 50m Free pistol
    • 25m Rapid Fire Pistol
    • 25m Pistol
    • Lightweight Sport Rifle (LSR)
    • Silhouette


    • .22LR Rifle
    • .22LR Pistol
    • .22LR Lightweight Sport Rifle (LSR)


    • Bullet profile: Round nose
    • Cartridge length: 25.4mm / 1 Inch
    • Bullet weight: 2.59grams / 40grains
    • Velocity at muzzle : 332m/s (1090ft/s)
    • Energy at muzzle: 14.6 (Kg.m) / 105.6 (ft.lb)
    • Lubricant: Beeswax-tallow

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